GPX Preferences


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The Preferences (under the application menu) allow you to set colors and a lot more.

The measurement units used by the app are set by your System Preferences as shown below.

Only non-Apple maps can be cached to disk.

Custom Map Tile URL.  Add a custom map URL such as Google or OpenCycleMaps.  Some map tiles require an API key, usually for free, before they can be used.  For example, ThunderForest produces OpenCycleMaps and many others.  To use a ThunderForest map tile, follow the instructions here.  Once you have the correct map tile URL (along with any API keys), enter it in the Preferences as shown below.

More OpenStreetMap tile URLs can be found at the Wikipedia.

Retina display. If the Custom Map tile supports Retina and the URL contains “@2x” as shown in the screenshot below, the map will display correctly with Retina displays (available on app version 2.96.11 or later).

Example map on a Retina display without the @2x specification:

Example map on a Retina display with the @2x specification: